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Zatik Travel and Tourism specializes in organizing and carrying out tours around the sights and places of interest of Armenia, Artsakh and Georgia. Due to our highly flexible planning schemes and insightful and knowledgeable tour-guides you will experience the most unforgettable trips around Armenia’s, Artsakh’s and Georgia’s well-known as well as hidden yet utterly interesting and beautiful sites and entertainment places. We provide high-quality customized tours and other relevant services for everyone eager to travel, explore, and broaden their horizons.

We offer the following and not only ;)


✔️Wedding paperwork and party organization 👩‍❤️‍👨                              ✔️Baptism paperwork and party organization 👶

✔️Any kind of events organization 🎉                                                ✔️Family Friendly Tours 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

✔️Individual Tours 🚙                                                                          ✔️Group Tours 🚌

✔️Horseback-riding Tours 🏇                                                              ✔️Hiking and Bicycle Tours 🚴🚵‍

✔️Pets Friendly Tours 🐈🐩                                                                ✔️Nature Tours / Camping 🤸‍🌳

✔️Tickets reservations ✈️                                                                   ✔️Hotel & Apartment accommodation 🏫

✔️Visa issuance and invitation procedure 📜                                     ✔️Transportation to Georgia and Russia️  🚙

✔️Multilangue drivers: Arabic, Persian, Russian, English, Armenian and more 🚙


Traveling through the unseen and undiscovered places in Armenia, hiking, rock climbing, horseback-riding and much more!

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